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Seller FAQ

What kind of items can I sell?

We sell most household items, furniture, tools, farm equipment, automobiles, sporting and exercise equipment, antiques, and collectibles. Give Darrell a call and he'll come out and take a look and answer any questions you might have.

Are there any up-front costs for your services?

No, there are no up-front or out of pocket costs for our services.

What is the pre-auction process?

Step 1: After the contract is signed our professional team will sort and stage your items to be sold. 

Step 2: Each item will be numbered, described, and photographed.

Step 3: Your auction is uploaded and goes live on our auction platform. Bidding begins immediately. Sellers may not bid on their own auction items.


My auction is live, now what?

Your auction will remain online for approximately 1-3 weeks. During this time we will alert our bidders to your auction.  At some point, while your auction is online we will offer bidders a day on which to preview your items. The preview usually lasts two to three hours and we will be there to host and answer any questions the buyers may have.


What happens once the auction comes to a close?

Invoices are emailed to each winning bidder within 24 hours of the auction closing. Winning bidders will pick-up and pay for their items on the pre-scheduled date. The pick-up usually lasts 3-4 hours.


When will I receive my settlement?

Money is transferred approximately 2 weeks after pick-up.

Buyer FAQ

I've found an item I want to bid on, how do I place my bid?

Step 1: REGISTER If you've never bid with Pink Flamingo Online Auctions before, you will need to register through our HiBid platform. Click here to get started. When the new window opens look for the Login/New Bidder link at the top of the page, click, and follow the directions.

Step 2: ENTER PAYMENT INFORMATION As a first-time bidder you will also be required to provide credit card payment information. We only charge this card if you are the winning bidder on an item and you fail to show up for the scheduled pick-up. Please, take a moment to read through the terms and conditions before you start placing bids. Take note of the closing date and pick-up times.

Step 3: START BIDDING Click on the pink BID button to the right (on your computer screen) or below (on the mobile site) that indicates what the next bid amount is. A new window will open and you will need to confirm your bid. You may enter your maximum bid amount here, as well. 

How do I know if I'm the winning bidder?

If you have the high bid on an item you will see a green WINNING box above the blue time left indicator box. This box will change to a red OUTBID box if you are no longer the winning bidder. You should also receive an OUTBID email notification. This can change quickly, so check back often.

The auction ends at 8:00 p.m. with a soft close, what does that mean?

The auction will begin closing at 8:00 p.m. starting with the lower numbers and moving on through, but as long as an item is receiving bids, the time on that item will continue to be extended for a few minutes until there are no more bids being placed. Things can change a lot in the last minutes and seconds of an auction, so if there is an item you really, really want, place your absolute max bid early or be prepared to watch the auction closing. 

I won! Now what?

You will receive an email invoice after the auction closing. Don't forget to pick up your items during the scheduled pick-up times. If you are unable to attend pick-up, please send a representative to pay for and retrieve your items. 

Who should I contact if I still have questions about an auction?

Contact Darrell Isabell, App. Auctioneer at 615-947-0500.

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